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Welcome to our recipes section. We feature several delicious recipes here. Feel free to view and print any of them that you like.

Southern Egg Rolls

Southern Egg Rolls

Our egg rolls have become a staple at the Inn. We recommend making a larger batch as the prep can be messy, but then separate into freezer backs in portions you desire.

Mix recipe- portions can be approximate

1-11/2 Quart- Pulled Pork BBQ (We use our own, but if store bought, pull out the fat)
2 1lb. Cans- Margaret Helms Seasoned Collard Greens. Strain and remove all juice.
5-6 Lg Sweet Potatoes
1 Lg Onion Diced (Medium sized)
2 10oz Packs- Sliced Pork Meat
Generous Cajun Spice
Friedas Egg Roll Wrappers

Place the sliced pork meat into the food processor with the standard blade. Process until nearly a paste. Begin to heat a large skillet (or two). Add the pork meat to skillet. Once the pan becomes coated, add onions and caramelize. Peel and cut sweet potatoes into strips. Feed into shredder in food processor. Remove and add to skillet. Once blended, add the pulled pork and drained collards. Add a generous amount of Cajun spice. Add some more. Add some more. Continue to sauté until all items seem to blend and flavors become married.

When ready to enjoy, take 2-3 spoon fulls of the mix and place in an egg roll wrapper. (See instructions on wrapper package for proper method to wrap). Drop egg rolls into deep fryer until golden brown. (All items inside are fully cooked, so place in deep fryer to heat the core and brown the wrapper).

We serve with two sauces. An Asian sweet chili sauce and house made spicy Virginia peanut sauce.

Peanut Sauce- Lasts fairly long when covered.
Measurements approximate, add to taste.

2 Cups of Virginia peanut butter (or what you have on hand!)
1-2 generous splashes of low sodium soy (Careful- can become too salty)
2 generous splashes of rice wine (white vinegar is our second choice)
2 generous splashes of vegetable oil
Liberal cayenne (then some)
Liberal Sriracha (then some)

Blend in food processor- Keep adding items above to create the consistency and desired “heat”. Should work toward a consistency of ketchup for example.