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Another reason to leave the cooking to us . . . “Cause Thursday’s” at The Lafayette Inn & Restaurant.

(While we contine to refer to our fund raising evening as "Cause Thursday", we often host them now on Sundays and other pre-selected non-Friday/Saturday evenings)

Do you belong to or know of an organization or group that needs to raise money for a good cause? Rather than wash cars, bake cookies or hold a raffle simply enjoy a delicious dinner at The Lafayette Inn & Restaurant.

Inn owners Alan and Kaye Pyles introduced “Cause Thursday’s.” The goal of each evening is to raise money for an organization by re-allocating a certain percentage of member's dinner bill back to the organization.

“Rather than investing in advertising to fill The Lafayette Inn’s restaurant on Thursday nights, we chose to reinvest those dollars back into our community,” Alan explained. “The evenings are fun for us and for the organization. Everyone has a chance to enjoy great food while supporting a cause that is close to his or her heart. The more success they have, the larger our donation is — it is a win-win for everyone.”

The Pyles donate 20 percent of the evening’s dinner sales to a group’s cause if the group agrees to do the following:
•    Use its best efforts to assure 20 dinner guests or more attend their specific “Cause Thursday’s.”
•    Send a pre-event press release to local media promoting their cause.
•    Send a post-event press release to local media.
•    Have a minimum of four representatives from the organization participate in the evening.
•    Agree to let The Lafayette Inn use their name and photos from the evening for promotional purposes.

Double your return (almost) and make this even more memorable for everyone...
* Your group/organization can volenteer to be the wait staff for the evening (working with a coordinator at the Inn).
* All Gratuities (historically 18% or more due to the nature of the evening) are then placed into a pool and ALSO DONATED to your organization.
* Guests enjoy seeing the volenteer staff, and the volenteers also enjoy the interaction with the guests and fellow "servers".

Several organizations have sent flyers, had volunteers make calls to their local following and provided an informational reception area for dinner guests during the evening to raise dollars for their cause. Some groups have even managed seating to maximize their donation opportunity. One organization even provided complimentary child care so parents could enjoy a “parent’s night out” dinner.

The evenings have also allowed people who have never dined at The Lafayette Inn to enjoy dinner favorites such as our Shrimp & Grits, Aged Filet Mignon or Lemon Chicken. The Vegetable Wellington and Chicken Lafayette  also remain among the favorites. Guests are encouraged to “save room” for either the signature Bread Pudding or one of the other dessert selections of the evening.
“If you’ve never dined at The Lafayette Inn  & Restaurant supporting a “Cause Thursday” it is the perfect excuse to enjoy a wonderful evening with friends,” Alan said. “If you know of a good cause The Lafayette Inn’s “Cause Thursday’s” program is a simple, yet rewarding way to raise money.”

To reserve your “Cause Thursday”  today call The Lafayette Inn & Restaurant at 434-985-6345.

Below you will find a partial list of some of the organizations that have participated in a “Cause Thursday’s” or received donations from some other method. (In the time & world in which we live, it appears the following "disclaimer" is required- The Lafayette Inn does not necessarily endorse the events and/or causes represented. We serve as the host facility. :). Last year we hosted a Republican event on one evening and two nights later hosted the opposing Democrat!).

In addition to our regular "Cause Nights"- with our Affiliation with TroopSwap, an organization dedicated to providing special deals and experiences for our Military families- we donate 10% of the proceeds from each of our TroopSwap "Guest Sous Chef" packages (Typical Package $849) to The Wounded Warriors Project. Book your package- enjoy a weekend in the kitchen at the Inn and help support another wonderful cause.

Randy Michie Scholarship Fund
Madison-Greene Humane Society
Chris Breiner Scholarship Fund
Books Below Equator- William Monroe Middle School
Athletic Boosters- William Monroe High School
Art Department- William Monroe High School
Piedmont Virginia Community College
Four County Players (various events)
March of Dimes
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society-Virginia Chapter
Greene Veterans of War
Kid Pan Alley
MS Blue Ridge Chapter
Blue Hills Conservancy-Legacy of the Land
AIDS Organization of Washington, D.C.
Prince Michel’s Katrina Relief Benefit
Blue Ridge School (multiple organizations)
Greene County Schools (multiple organizations)
Hospice of Piedmont
STAR-(Stanardsville Area Revitalization)
Newspapers in Education
Greene County Primary
Flint High School
American Cancer Association
UVA Club of Charlottesville
Miss Greene
St. Luke’s Parents Organization
Margret Hope Mission
People to People
Metro Teen AIDS Relief
Congressional Schools of Virginia
Blue Ridge Area Food Bank
Bridgewater Area Food Bank
Four Seasons Active Adult Community
Sean Michael Snow Leukemia Benefit
Wolf Trap
EDA of Greene County Volunteers
Junior National Ice Skating Championships